I’m Susan Rooks, the Grammar Goddess, and I help business professionals strengthen their communications skills in two ways.


For those companies interested in offering their employees communication-based training to help them shine, I can help. I work in three main areas — American Grammar, Business Writing, and Interpersonal Skills, including Introduction to DiSC® — to help business pros get the info they need to succeed in a short time frame. The workshops are just three hours long to respect busy professionals’ time, and they can be tailored to meet an individual client’s needs.

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For those individuals who create articles, blog posts, résumés, web content, LinkedIn profiles, or business-related books — or for those companies that publish an annual report or other public statements — I can help with editing, copy editing, or proofreading services.

Some of my clients are ghostwriters; some write for publications and news outlets such as Huffington Post, Inc., regional magazines, CNBC, and Yahoo Finance; some are professional résumé writers; and some are bloggers with many thousands of followers. They all know that their work — whether it’s their own or a client’s — must be excellent. They can’t afford to have obvious errors ever!

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My only goal is to help everyone look and sound as smart as they are.

Contact Info:

Susan Rooks
508 238-8664

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