Claws – Coffer

homophonesOh my! Where did the summer months go? How can it be September 1 already? The kids are going back to school, the summer folks here at the seaside village where I now live will return for perhaps just one more long weekend, and we will have to start closing our windows at night to keep in the warmth and keep out the chill.

The leaves will change¬† from various shades of green to scarlet, yellow, orange — and finally brown. The squirrels will redouble their efforts to store acorns for the winter months. We’ll all soak in the joy of the remaining warm days,¬† knowing it’ll all change soon enough!

Something that will stay the same, however, is Tuesday’s Tricksters, a weekly reminder to read what we’ve written so that we use the word(s) we meant to! Homophones, a.k.a. homonyms, are those pesky words that sound alike (or nearly so) but have different meanings and spellings. They can trip up the best of writers, as many of us have proven. And spell check will never help us with them if they’re spelled correctly!

As always, if you have any questions, please ask. I’m here to help.