Accept and Except

sight-words-clipart-sight_dolch_wordsThis is the first of a new series that I should’ve, could’ve, might’veĀ  published yesterday . . . but didn’t. Oops. The day completely got away from me!

From now on I will publish just a single pair (or maybe a triplet) of words on Wednesdays that many writers lose track of — hoping that if you see just two (or three) at one time, you’ll be able to focus on them.

I will still put out my Tuesday’s Tricksters, again as a reminder of homophones and spellcheck’s trouble with them.

I hope these two words stick in your mind! And if you can’t remember them both, learn one.

Focus on it. Always know how to use it. And if you’re not writing a sentence that needs the one you learned — use the other one! (How much worse can that be than flipping a coin?)

The clue for remembering accept and except is in the first letter(s) of each word, which luckily match each definition’s first letter(s). Not all word pairs are so accommodating, but when you find one that is — be grateful!

Which one are YOU going to learn? Accept? Except? Both?