A Fearsome Friday Funday Face!

A Fearsome Friday Funday Face!


We’ve all heard of Grumpy Cat, right? Well, the picture above adorned a friend’s (Kathleen Carper) recent post, and I just had to use it. Never saw a bug that looked so obviously grumpy. (Turns out it’s a bee; who knew?)

And just so we won’t see that face staring back at us if we look in the mirror today . . . let’s enjoy the funnies I’ve gathered here for us.

Sure hope some of my friends are reading this next one . . .

Thanks to Nicole Chardenet for this one below!

The gem below comes from John Vaughan!

And my favorite for today, thanks to the wonderful possibilities that just two words can provide!

Anyone still grumpy?  If so, here’s one more JUST. FOR. YOU.

Which one is your favorite today?


Oh! If you’d like to see some more bug faces close up — check out this link below. Some of them are really funny!


Many of these funnies come from Facebook pages that you can access any time you need a few more good laughs. My favorites are Single Dad LaughingI am not a grammar copLanguage Cranks ReduxPun Based HumorWrong Hands, and Tannuzzo Copywriting.