How have we already used up six weeks of 2016??? I hope everyone is making the most of the time they have — it goes by so fast!

Along the way, I know we all need a good laugh or three, so I’m continuing my Friday Funday series with these goodies. Hope they tickle your funny bone and stick to your ribs!

Ah spellcheck . . . you did YOUR job . . . 

Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the grains . . . 

This ad below was on the page showing the Chicago Manual of Style.
Broke my heart!

Does Tom Selleck like apple or cherry best?

I know my math skills aren’t great, but . . . 

What’s wrong with ewe, anyway?

Some grocers will sell ANYTHING!

Technically scotch isn’t a food, but after you’ve had a few . . . it all seems clear. OK, fuzzy.

And I just HAVE to ask: What’s up with this last one?