Another Foodie Friday Funday!

Well, good morning, world! How are ya? Looking mighty fine to me — at 5 a.m. here on the east coast of the U.S. I’m up so early I think I beat the sun . . . and I don’t know why.

But since I’m up, I might as well find some things to laugh about (beats yawning, right?) and share them with you. And since I haven’t had my breakfast yet, I’m hungry. So, let’s look at a few food funnies, along with some others.

And when you read the word yawning, did you . . . yawn? Yeah, me too. Again. Make it stop!

Not enough in that cup? Try these:

Thy chicken runneth away?

Is that the cutest little pepper ever?

Not food exactly, but close . . .

And now? Been (bean?) there. Got that.

So then, oh-oh . . .

And after all the above, this one below is PERFECT!

For a change of pace, and hoping you’ll still laugh . . .

And my favorite for today, if only because I live on a bay near Cape Cod., Mass., and sometimes the water here is COLD!

Which one is YOUR favorite today?