Are You Ready for the Friday Funnies/Punnies?

Every week I end with a few pictures of word goofs that we all could make or other fun things I find on the amazing Internet. Am I poking fun? Yes. I also realize no one  is immune to what I find out there on the vast and wonderful world of social media, including me. These are simply intended as reminders to read what you’ve written — very, very carefully. Are you sure you’ve used the correct word? You can always check online at many of the wonderful FREE resources including Your Dictionary and Merriam Webster Dictionary if you’re not sure.


Hmmmm, did they REALLY want us to get naked?

All together now — groan!

So who’s smarter than a fifth grader?


Groan #3

Groan #4

And one that would be funnier if someone hadn’t misspelled . . .