Back To a Time Long, Long Ago: Words Read, But Never Said

Throwback ThursdayDoes this picture below jog YOUR memory? Many readers recognize that we may read a word and understand its meaning, but when we say it out loud . . . oops! Sometimes it just doesn’t sound the way we think it should!

I was about 15 the first time this happened to me, and I will probably always remember my shame at goofing up and my folks roaring with laughter, even though they didn’t mean to upset me.

I was having some sort of argument with them — not unusual for a 15-year-old, right? — and I remember clearly yelling, “You two are INCORRIGIBLE!!”

Great word, right? I even knew what it meant — stubborn, thick-headed, unable to be corrected. And to my 15-year-old self, it was perfect. I was just SO proud of myself . . . for an instant. Then . . .

Unfortunately, I had never heard it said or if I had, I hadn’t made the connection. So how did I yell it out?


My mom and dad looked at me, then at each other, then just fell apart, laughing

I did the only thing a 15-year-old could do in those circumstances — I RAN! Upstairs. To my room. Slammed the door. Threw myself on the bed and sobbed.

The sad part was, I had NO idea what the joke was. I thought they were just being mean or something.

The next day my mom told me why they laughed and how incorrigible is pronounced:

IN — CORR — IG — IBLE (with a soft G)


Are there words you realize you’ve read but not heard said out loud? Did you ever say one of them incorrectly? Please share with me and all the other readers!