Business Writing

How much time do you and your staff spend creating letters, memos, reports, or e-mails? Do you write as you were taught in school, perhaps pursuing elegance at the expense of readability and comprehension? Do you write and rewrite, and still end up with documents that don’t work as you intended?

In just three hours, my Brush Up on Your Business Writing Skills workshop will give you the information you need to succeed. We cover the essentials of business writing, whose only goal is clarity. If your documents are often seen as “clear as mud,” this workshop is for you.

What will you find in this program?

  • Planning / thinking about your reader
  • Creating parallel structure
  • Turning negative language into positive
  • Using active and passive voice effectively
  • Replacing smothered verbs with power verbs
  • Creating gender-neutral messages
  • Eliminating redundancies and jargon
  • Trimming the fat in your writing

If the documents in your organization don’t reflect the quality of the work behind them, this fast-paced half-day workshop will get you back on track.

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