Can You Imagine This?

Do you remember a news story a few years ago about two 28-year-old young men who drove around the country correcting grammatical errors on public and private signs? They were called “Typo Vigilantes.” Unfortunately, they were not well received in many locations and ended up in court after defacing a sign at the Grand Canyon. Obviously I understand their zeal, even it was a little misplaced.

But this man — Bryan Henderson (aka Giraffedata) — is my new hero, thanks to Emile Paradis of the Referral Institute of Atlanta, who sent me the link today. Mr. Henderson is doing us a huge service — largely without fanfare — and he’s doing it legally.

Imagine caring this much! And thank you, Emile, for sending me the link.
One Man’s Quest to Rid Wikipedia of Exactly One Grammatical Mistake

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