Finding Positive Stories in a Negative World: Changing the Narrative

Finding Positive Stories in a Negative World

Lately, I have been almost obsessed with finding positive stories in a negative world.  

In the past year or more, it seems as though the U.S. press has been showing us news that is almost always about the negative events going on in this country. School shootings. Corporate shootings. Bombings. Murders. Incredibly bad weather, especially this past winter.

And when our press does report news from other countries, it again shows us negativity, even though there are countless stories of good deeds that are not being told that would remind us of the good people all around the world.

Bad news sells and good news doesn’t? Let’s change that!

I grew up with parents who traveled, I worked for five years as an international seminar leader, one of my children is in the U.S. Foreign Service, and I know that there are good people making great strides everywhere, but we’re not learning about them.

Why not?

So, on a whim, I started following a couple of foreign press outlets that produce content in English from all around the world to get different viewpoints on what is happening on this small planet of ours.

I ran across a story about Silatech on Twitter, and wondered why no one here in the U.S. has reported on its impact in the Arab world. We hear more than enough about riots, toxic gas attacks, and bombings, but not about organizations like Silatech making a positive difference in thousands of lives.

Silatech is based in Qatar, and is an organization that is signing strategic partnership agreements with international and regional organizations to empower youth in Sudan, Morocco, and Somalia.

They’re working with United Nations Women (UN Women) in Sudan, with Al Amana Microfinance in Morocco, and the Horn Progress Initiative in Somalia – all to empower many disadvantaged youth and women in the region and give them access to opportunities that were previously out of reach.

According to Ms. Sabah Al Haidoos, CEO of Silatech, “In 2017, Silatech has sought to activate the youth agenda at a global level through international memberships, cooperation with governments and non-governmental organizations, and the expansion of its regional and international network of partners.”

In a time when so much news is grim, when the media is so focused on the negatives of all global regions, when it can seem as though no one is doing anything – an organization such as Silatech is making strides that are already showing results and promise more for the future.

Are you aware of other organizations that get no or very little press in the world news markets?

I’d love to do a story on them, showing those of us here on social media that yes, indeed: There are thousands of ordinary citizens and organizations dedicated to improving the lives in hard-hit areas all over the world. Let’s spread the word!

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