homophonesThis is the time of year when most of us have other obligations — family, friends, business — many connected to the various holidays that we celebrate. Sometimes it’s tough to carve out some time just for ourselves!

I have been largely absent from LI for the last couple of weeks, but I think I can see more time opening up again.

So (sew) let’s begin with my usual Tuesday fare (fair): words I (eye) call tricksters that are also known as homophones or homonyms. These are words that sound alike or (oar / ore) almost alike, causing some (sum) confusion as to (too / two) which (witch) one (won) we (wee) might (mite) be (bee) writing (righting) about! They are also words that spellcheck accepts because we have spelled them correctly.


So be sure (shore) to read (reed) what you’ve written before hitting “publish”!