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Do you write blogs, magazine articles, nonfiction books, or web content? Are you a ghostwriter or a professional résumé writer? 

Have you ever found an error in something you were certain was perfect — after you published it? Did you leave out a word in a sentence? Did you use the wrong its / it’s? Did you perhaps write inedible when you meant inevitable?

Did you write too fast, trust spellcheck to do more than it can (see above), and send your piece on its merry way into the cold, hard world of publication, only to be smacked upside the head by a troll who publicly pointed out your error(s)?

Especially the one in the title or subtitle?


How could that happen?

♦ You knew what you meant to write, so you didn’t read it carefully.
♦ You rewrote a section and forgot to check it.
♦ You did it the way others do because they’re smart, without realizing they’re not necessarily smart in American grammar and usage.


Wrong question: “How smart is that person?”
Right question: “How is that person smart?”

I can help you with all that. With nearly 25 years working worldwide, creating and leading a variety of communication-based workshops, I have shifted my primary focus to editing services to help writers feel confident that their material will be seen for what it is:

Content worthy of respect.

And no matter what my clients write — blogs, résumés, memoirs, nonfiction books, and even corporate annual reports — the finished product needs to be professionally presented.

Many of my clients write for Huffington Post, Inc., Thrive Global, Yahoo Finance, CNBC, Entrepreneur, Influencive, and regional magazines. Several are ghostwriters. Two create résumés for top executives. One is an ad agency that I have worked with for nine years, copyediting a major Boston hospital’s 300-page annual report.

They all know that errors in their writing can damage their reputation, and they can’t afford to let that happen. One wrote a best-selling book; three others have also done well. One was recently named a “LinkedIn Top Voice” for the second time. (For a list of all those who entrusted me with their books in the last few years, see below.)

If you’re not sure you need any editorial help, send me one page of your writing. I will look at it — FOR FREE! — and let you know what I see. One offer per person, please.


Let me give you the peace of mind I give all my clients. Let me help you look and sound as smart as you are.

Recent authors of well-received books:

Sandra Elaine Scott, In Memory of a Saint, 2011
Mañana Starts Today, 2013
The Magical Day, 2016; Color Me Sane, 2017

Cliff Aguirre, Journey Back, 2017
Larry Boyer, The Robot in the Next Cubicle, 2017
Ted Egly, Conversations with a Billionaire, 2017

Ben Baker, Powerful Personal Brands 
Al Diaz, Mastering the Habits of Continuous Improvement 
Katharine Gilpin, If I Only Knew Then What I Know Now
Melissa Hughes, Ph.D.Happier Hour with Einstein
Dustin McKissen, The Civil War at Home
Maryann Murphy, MSW, CPO,Stop Wasting Your Precious Time!
Bob Musial, Soft Skills, Hard Returns

Paul O’Connor, The Profound Impact of Product Line Strategy
Sandra Elaine Scott, Home: Casa
Heather R. Younger, J.D., CCXP, The 7 Intuitive Laws of Employee Loyalty



Lonnie Mayne (with Bruce Kasanoff & Amy Blaschka),
Red Shoes Living
Joe KwonUnlock Your Charisma
Curt Mercadante, The Five Pillars of Freedom
Dustin McKissen, The Poor and The Haunted 


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