The Start of Labor Day Weekend in the U.S.

Finally FridayAccording to tradition here in the U.S., the Labor Day Weekend is a last-ditch effort to save summer from expiring. (Yes, it’s supposed to be a totally different type of weekend, and you can learn more here and here.) For us in the Northeast, it’ll be a true summer weekend full of heat and humidity and parties. Pool parties. Beach parties. No-reason parties.

And maybe cats with watermelon rinds on their heads.

Of course at the end, school resumes for our kids, nights start getting a little cooler, and the season moves relentlessly towards fall.

But we can still laugh at funny pictures, especially those that are full of all sorts of grammar and writing errors that we’re glad we didn’t write!

Wouldn’t you LOVE to see a chicken walking a dog on a leash?

My kind of logic

Irony at its finest . . . 


Hah! Take THAT, technology!

Why do I think this kid didn’t learn much in English class?