Friday Fa la la la for Fido!

Because I have so many funny pictures of all kinds for both Christmas and Hannukah, I’ll be publishing three separate funday posts: today, next Wednesday (Wednesday Words), and next Friday. I sure hope you enjoy them all!

A friend of mine, John McCaul, is famous at this time of year for his Elvis jokes. Maybe this one has gone where no elf should go?

For those who don’t know, this is only the 4th time in 100 years that the first night of Hannukah and Christmas Eve are the same night (next Saturday, the 24th), so it seems fair to include a couple of cartoons on Hannukah — one each week. And the gold-wrapped candies are traditional on Hannukah; “gelt” simply means money in Yiddish, an old language Jews spoke for years and still do in a few coutries.


A couple of jokes from Joel Anderson that I love! “What do you call an Elf with long sideburns? Elfis.” “What happens when you sit on a snowbank? You get POLARoids, silly!”


And last for this week (more Christmas and Hanukkah stuff next week): A video for you. Please click on the link: A different sort of Santa


Many of these funnies come from Facebook pages that you can access any time you need a few more good laughs. My favorites are Single Dad LaughingI am not a grammar copLanguage Cranks ReduxPun Based HumorWrong Hands, and Tannuzzo Copywriting.