Friday Fright Day, October 30

Halloween MoonIt’s the second-to-last day of October 2015 — where did the year go??? — and tomorrow is Halloween, a holiday that gets bigger, spookier, and more fun every year. Tomorrow night we’ll see little princesses, Star Wars baddies, and even inspired costumes for kids in wheelchairs.

Aren’t those wonderful? Love their parents’ imagination, don’t you?


And for your continued viewing pleasure, here are a few Halloween-inspired epic fails, groaners, and howlers.


You think it’s bad here, folks? You just wait!

Fun to see all the characters I grew up with!

Maybe they’re with the guys in the next picture?


You knew I’d sneak one in on grammar, right?
Spelling does count . . .

And for many Americans — and perhaps others around the world who follow our political shenanigans — the scariest of them all: a Trumpkin!