It appears that my Friday Fundays are eagerly awaited by a whole of folks around the LI globe, for which I say “THANK YOU”! 

While LI is still a semi-serious professional platform, I am really glad that there is still room for humor, although I draw the line at videos of kittens and puppies here (enough of them on FB!). I try to keep mine consistent with the themes of my other posts — silly typos, puns, trusting spellcheck, other types of wordplay — whatever seems appropriate. And I bless the folks who think these jokes up and put them out here for me to find for us to enjoy!

Today’s is again about food (loosely construed) because I am loaded with great stuff. Hope you agree!

And please forgive me for this last one.

I had to put it here.

I just had to.

No really — I had to.