Funky Friday Funnies, August 5


I have to tell you, the loonies are out in force lately! I have enough material on my computer for a dozen editions of the Friday Fundays and Silly Saturdays, so this week it’s a double-header. Beat the heat (at least in the northern hemispheres) with some laughter . . . or warm up with it.


This first one is AWESOME! 


Do they wear the lingerie over or under their shells? 




I know I can relate to this! Can you?


In honor of the craze that is sweeping the world . . . 





Thank you, John Marrett, for this gem!
You have to ask yourself: Is it a typo or the best-ever come-on?



And saving the best for last (thanks to Steve Tannuzzo and Tannuzzo Copywriting) — and continuing a theme started above . . . the collider is actually named Hadron.

If you want to see the full report, click here.