But for those who can focus on other things, I want you to see this quiz because it’s the best way I can show companies that their associates are not as comfortable or knowledgeable about American grammar as everyone may think. The associates may be absolutely brilliant in their jobs, but in terms of communication, maybe not so much. And this quiz helps me build a customized workshop that meets the needs of individual companies and their workers, based on my three-hour Brush Up on Your American Grammar Skills¬†program.

Take the quiz and see what you think. And yes, I am including the answer sheet as well. If you see the value of knowing how to punctuate and/or use words correctly in the American grammar system, please consider passing it on to anyone in your world — professional or personal — who can use the help.

If you want clean copies that you can pass around, all you need to do it ask. I’m happy to send them to you.

Here is the answer sheet, but there are no explanations. You can find most of them in blogs I have written over the past year, which are listed on my Web site in categories.