Happy Holidays — All of Them!

happy holidays all of them

So, you might be asking, what’s with this “Happy Holidays — all of them” stuff!

Were you expecting Merry Christmas? Well, OK. Merry Christmas!

And Happy Hanukkah!

And Happy Kwanzaa!

And Happy Cookie Day!

And Happy Laughter Day!

(OK, I made that one up, but shouldn’t there be a day for that?)

Did you know there are at least 75 holidays of all types in December alone around the world? Why would anyone want to restrict themselves to celebrating just one? Where’s the fun in that?

Let’s look at some wonderful and weird holidays in December you might have missed, others you can still enjoy:

4th National Cookie Day

7th Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

7th The Feast of St. Ambrose (Milan) Italy

7th Spitak Remembrance Day Armenia

9th National Heroes Day Antigua and Barbuda Public Holiday

17th National Day (second day) Bahrain Public Holiday

17th Independence Day observed Kazakhstan Public Holiday

17th Day of Reconciliation observed South Africa Public Holiday

24th Emperor’s Birthday observed Japan National Holiday

24th Yap Constitution Day Micronesia Local Holiday

24th Independence Day Libya Public Holiday

25th Christmas

26th Kwanzaa begins

30th National Bacon Day (Aha! I finally got your attention, right?)

So, can we all agree that when someone wishes us anything good, whether it’s Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or Happy Holidays — it’s the spirit of the greeting that counts? Let’s all just smile back and wish others the same, OK?

Happy everything to you! And for a more comprehensive list of worldwide holidays, click Holidays.