In Their Own Words

One of the downsides of reading a testimonial is that the points, in fact, are going to obviously be made before the message is even conveyed.

When speaking of Susan Rooks, The Grammar Goddess, those points cannot be made strongly enough. Working with Susan is an evolution of success stories and accomplishments due to her amazing expertise. With a brilliance of words, word usage, and grammar, Susan Rooks will help catapult you to heights in the marketplace you could only hope to reach.

But her skillset goes far beyond grammar, punctuation, and proper usage of the English language. It goes to communication. It goes to her ability to open doors you did not know even existed. Her contacts in the marketplace go to perpetuity. If anyone can help raise you to the level you’re willing to work to become, you have selected the correct person in Susan.

Joe Samnik, Consulting Forensic Arborist


Dennis PitoccoAs Founder, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of an award-winning global media digital, I’ve had the unique opportunity to curate thousands of essays on topics from across the business, life and culture spectrum, while developing an extraordinary stable of writing talent, now resident within our Columnist & Featured Contributors Panel.

As a Member of this esteemed Panel, Susan has from day one distinguished her works from so many via her mastery of the English language, coupled with a refined knack for keen observation and inspiring commentary.

We were so impressed by Susan’s skillsets that not only did our Editorial Team elevate her quickly to our premier Columnist Panel, but soon thereafter invited her to join our select Editorial Circle of Excellence.

We are proud to be associated with such an accomplished professional and look forward to collaborating with Susan at all levels for many years to come.



Jeff YoungI have known Susan for a little over a year now, but have followed her teachings here on LinkedIn for much longer than that. She is known as the “Grammar Goddess” and lives up to that title every day. In a world (overall and on social media in particular) where communicating your message well is of the utmost importance, I have come to rely on Susan’s advice and counsel every day.

Her skills in helping you craft insightful and high-impact communications are second to none. She has an unparalleled grasp of the English language. Above all of this, I have also enjoyed getting to know Susan and come to appreciate her wonderful caring attitude and infectious sense of humor. She makes me laugh and she is fun. It’s as simple as that…

If you are looking for someone who is the best at “making you look as smart as you are,” then look no further than Susan Rooks. Highly recommended!

Jeff Young, #TheLinkedInGuru


Susan is amazing to work with. Her desire to help others is what shines through. She goes above and beyond to help others be successful. Her attention to detail as the Grammar Goddess is apparent in all she does! I would highly recommend Susan!

Linda Macedonio, Owner, Pathfinder Bookkeeping * Coaching



Susan is highly professional, very responsive and makes my life easier. What more could you want? I highly recommend her.

Bruce Kasanoff —



Leslie PophamSusan is one of my heroes. We share a love of correct grammar and use of the English language. We agree to differ about US/UK English! Susan is also a top-notch proofreader, so contact her if you need help.

Leslie Popham, Managing Director, Regis Publishing Ltd.


Al DiazSusan was one of my copy editors for my book, “Mastering the HABITS of Continuous Improvement.” Susan is much more than the “Grammar Goddess”; she is a no-nonsense adviser to what works and what does not work. I highly recommend her!

Al Diaz, Agile Coach