Introduction to DiSC®

Why do so many of us need an Introduction to DiSC®?

Many of us grew up hearing the well-meant but not-quite-true statement:

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Its intent was to create better relationships, based on trying to understand how to treat others.

The issue is that we’re not all alike, and we don’t all want the same things — not even the same treatment. Dr. Tony Alessandra, in his first book, The Platinum Rule®, came up with a new way of saying it, and I realized that it was what I had wanted to hear:

Treat others the way they want to be treated.

Yes. But how would I know?

Years later, I got an introduction to DiSC® by way of the Assessment, and suddenly I had a tool that helped me learn about myself and others. It’s not terribly complicated, which is good; it’s fun, which is also good; and it’s a wonderful guide what others may need from us.

Is it perfect? No. Nothing is.

But it does give us some quick information that we can build on, either by observation or by talking to others to see if we’re right.

The four primary types are associated with Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. And while few of us fit neatly into just one box, many of us find ourselves easily enough once we know what signals the primary characteristics of each type are.

UPDATE 2020: I am finalizing ways to teach this program on Zoom. Please let me know if you’d be interested! 

If this sounds like a program you’d like to have for your company, please let me know. I’d love to see if others would benefit — as I and so many others have over the years — from finding out about themselves and those they have in their relationships.

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