It’s a Foggy Friday Funday, April 29

Yes, as I look out my window, it’s foggy over Buttermilk Bay. Where on earth is Buttermilk Bay, you ask? It’s the top of Buzzards Bay, which is right under Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA. Really pretty when you can see it . . . fog makes that tough but it’s beautiful in its own way.

And yes. That’s actually the Bay and a picture I took last year — got very lucky with it! It was more murky than foggy that day, but I couldn’t resist trying to capture the beauty.

I hope these few cartoons / pictures / memes are also beautiful to you in their own way! 

Talk about taking something literally . . . 

No costume? No admittance!

Seems right to me.

Eggo waffles — popular in the U.S.





This gem below makes my eyes twitch.


And my favorite for today . . .