It’s a Frantic Friday Funday . . . Oh look! A Squirrel!


Sigh. Attention spans are not what they used to be, are they. No, that’s not a question; it’s a statement. We know it’s true.

I think we all know others who can’t focus for more than ten seconds without changing the topic of a conversation. Folks who start cleaning in the kitchen, then get distracted by the television, then notice the pillows aren’t quite straight on the couch, then realize the dogs’ water bowl is empty, then decide to fold the laundry, but before that they have to check their e-mail, then Facebook, then LI, then beBee . . . endlessly moving around, touching much but finishing little.

Oh, and “they” is often “us.” Right?

This topic arose in a group discussion that started out with others wondering what the right size (if there is even a right size) for most blog posts is. It’s morphed into a decision to write about short attention spans. Hey, why not?

What? Oh, right.

Maybe this is why I usually choose pictures for my Friday Fundays; they’re easy to find, they are usually pretty funny, and they’re a quick scan. Anyone taking more than a minute to look at them is moving very, very, very slooooowly.

Or it could be someone who just finds the world fascinating!

Or someone looking for validation . . . 

Or someone who is underwhelmed by others . . . 

But whatever it is, let’s all enjoy the day, the season, and each other!