Last Christmas / Hanukkah Friday Funday of 2016!

So here we are, almost at the end of 2016. Nearly 365 days have gone by — oh wait. This is a leap year, so there will have been 366 days at year’s end.
Ah well. A day here, a day there.


I’ve been publishing Friday Fundays for almost two years, mainly because I love fun. I love humor (humour for some of my readers). Often these fundays have posts connected to words written incorrectly, or just plain wrong words altogether! Sometimes I find pictures where there’s a homophone misused; other times it’s just a funny goof, maybe a pun!

Today’s edition is the second and last one relating to anything Christmas or Hanukkah for 2016.

This would really be a miracle!


If you didn’t grow up in the early ’70s watching American TV, this might not be funny.
If you did — it probably is!


A real barn in western Massachusetts, and I love that “face” the snow made on the big part! (Oakwood Barn Christmas Shop, Spencer, Mass.)

If it happened today . . .

Did you realize Santa is an anagram of Satan?
Well, duh. It was hard work!
And for those with kids and cats . . .


Finally, from friends on LinkedIn: Trent Selbrede — Hospitality Leader

A couple of favorites from Trent’s daughters.

  • What does Santa suffer from when he gets trapped in the chimney? Claustrophobia.
  • What do you call Santa if he comes down the chimney when a fire is lit? Krisp Kringle.

From Joel Anderson, Development Director at Kansas State University (actually, it’s his brother’s joke):

  • What do you get when you hang a frog from the ceiling at Christmas? A mistletoad.


And the last one — especially for the geeks
and nerds among us!

Which one is YOUR favorite today?

From my house and heart to yours — my wish is for you to have the happiest holiday season ever, and for the love, the joy, the warmth, and the peace of this time to stay with you in the years to come.