Laughter Really IS the Best Medicine!


There are just moments when we have to laugh, right? Even though we’re busy business professionals, sometimes someone else’s take or understanding of words or situations just cracks us up — especially when they get it backwards with the words they use.

I am not mocking those for whom English is a second, third, or thirty-third language; far from that! Since I speak ONLY English — and the American version at that — anyone who can converse in this complicated language has my total admiration.

I’m just laughing because sometimes a phrase we’re used to gets turned around, and on a tough morning, even something like that can get us laughing. And I am certain it happens in every language, when those like I am are trying to say something in a different language that doesn’t quite work.

I was just reading a thread here on LI about a simple way to improve, and this commenter wrote “Couldn’t agree less,” when clearly the phrase meant was “couldn’t agree more.”

Why did I laugh?

It just struck my funny bone, and I think for me this morning, it symbolizes the wacky way my day is going. At any rate, I feel so much better for it! Has this happened to you?

Has someone else misused a word or phrase in YOUR language? Did you see the humor in it? I hope so!

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