Laughter Really IS the Best Medicine!

laughter best medicine

I think most of us have heard that laughter really is the best medicine, right? There’s something wonderfully contagious about it, and it sure can smooth out a tough moment or two.

And even though we’re busy business professionals, we’re not immune to the power of a joke, of an absurd situation, or sometimes the way someone else uses words in our language incorrectly, which changes the meaning completely.

Please understand this: I am not mocking those for whom English is a second, third, or thirty-third language; far from that! Since I speak ONLY English — and the American version at that — those who can converse in this complicated language and make themselves understood have my total admiration.

I’m just laughing this morning because sometimes a phrase we’re used to gets turned around, and on a tough morning like I was having, even something like that can get us laughing. And I am certain it happens to anyone when we are trying to say something in a different language that doesn’t quite work.

I was just reading a thread here on LinkedIn about a simple way to improve our business success, and this commenter wrote “Couldn’t agree less,” when clearly the phrase meant was “couldn’t agree more,” based on the rest of the message.

Why did I laugh?

It just struck my funny bone, and I think for me this morning, it symbolizes the wacky way my day is going. At any rate, I feel so much better for it! Has this happened to you?

Have you found yourself laughing at something absurd, and being really happy about it? Did that laughter remove some stress and give you a chance to catch your breath and make your day more positive?