Master the LinkedIn Profile Basics!

Master the LinkedIn Profile Basics!Would you like to master the LinkedIn profile basics?

This is is not a trick question. But many professionals sign up on the platform, throw a few bits and pieces up, leave out a lot, and wait for the world to beat a path to their door.

And when that doesn’t happen? They complain that LI doesn’t work.

Or they post their résumé, which is not what anyone is looking for. Not even recruiters. Not in this era of social media smarts. They want to see beyond that.

LinkedIn is a platform that allows us free access to millions of people worldwide who might become clients, employers, mentors, mentees, friends — the list is almost endless.

So, simple questions, but profound in terms of mastering the LinkedIn profile basics!

  • Why are you on LinkedIn?
  • What do you expect from it?
  • Who are YOU?
  • What’s YOUR expertise?
  • What do you want to be known as or for?
  • What’s YOUR “value proposition” or “unique selling proposition”?
  • What kinds of connections are you looking for? Why?
  • And if you’re not already on LinkedIn, why not? What’s stopping you?

What you will find in this program:

Part I: Building Your LinkedIn Profile

Banner * Picture * Headline * About * Your Dashboard *Activity * Experience

Last sections that we do not cover (because they’re easy to figure out): Education / Volunteer Experience, Skills and Endorsements, Recommendations, Accomplishments, Interests

Part II: Working with LinkedIn
The top menu bar explained: My Network * Asking to Connect * Building Your Network * Tagging * Hashtags

If you or other colleagues have an hour to learn how to develop a LinkedIn profile that rises above the noise of the nearly 770,000,000 other profiles (as of 2021), a profile that can lead you to getting the results you’re hoping for — bring my program to your company via Zoom!

I use a PowerPoint presentation to cover the basics in just an hour, then I send each participant the PP program for them to keep and learn from.

I learned from others — heck, I still learn from others all the time — and no matter where you are on your LI journey, you can learn as well.

Note #1

On 08/08/20, I had 12,800 followers.

TOday — 02/27/23 — I HAVE OVER 60,600 FOLLOWERS.
If I can do it, YOU surely can!


To make the most of our time together, I ask for no more than about 15 participants. I need to be able to present the material and answer questions as they arise — all in just one hour!

Note #2
This training is free for nonprofits and other
civic organizations


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Susan Rooks

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