Please remember this is based on the American grammar system; if you follow any of the British systems, your rules might be different.


Yes, here’s another quiz (previous one here), which explains why I chose that picture for this post. I think most of us feel pretty much like that pup looks when we hear the word “quiz.” But if you’ve been following me right along, these five questions below shouldn’t be too hard to answer. And the right answers are below, along with appropriate posts on the subjects.

On your mark. Get set. Go!

Which of the following sentences are written correctly? And be aware that there may be more than one right answer in any group.

1A.  Thanks for sharing Susan.
1B.  Thanks for sharing, Susan.

2A.  John asked Jack and myself to go with him and Jill.
2B.  John asked Jack and I to go with he and Jill.
2C.  John asked Jack and me to go with him and Jill.
2D.  John asked Jack and I to go with him and Jill.

3A.  Our files are completely up to date.
3B.  Our files are completely up-to-date.
3C.  We have completely up to date files.
3D.  We have completely up-to-date files.

4A. Susan Jones’ car is the red one.
4B. Susan Jones’s car is the red one.
4C. The Joneses’ cars are in the south parking lot.
4D. The Jones’ cars are in the south parking lot.

5A. Carly said, “Fred’s a “geek”.”
5B. Carly said, “Fred’s a geek.”
5C. Carly said, “Fred’s a ‘geek.’ ”
5D. Carly said, “Fred’s a geek”.


1.  B    Post on commas
2.  C    Post on pronouns
3.  A & D    Posts on hyphens here and here
4.  A, B, & C   Post on apostrophes in possessives 
5.  B & C   Posts on quotation marks here and here and here

Well, that was fun, wasn’t it? No? Well, maybe helpful?  Oh, come on — say yes to that!

As always, if you have questions, I will be happy to help.