Over the last few months I have attempted to help everyone (re)learn some of the rules of American grammar, and I hope I’ve succeeded.

It seems like a good idea – at least to me – to give you a short quiz on the some of the material I’ve covered to date . . . are you game? The answers and the relevant blog post will be at the end of this post.

1. John has
a. an MBA.
b. a MBA.

2. John has
a. an Master’s degree.
b. a Master’s degree

3. In August, stores will start their
a.  back to school sales.
b.  back-to-school sales.
c.  back-to school sales.
d.  back to-school sales.

4. Do you remember any music from
a. the 90’s?
    b. the 90s?
  c. the ’90s?

5. Susan called Frank a
a. “jerk.”
b. “jerk”.
c. ‘jerk’.  
d. jerk.

6. Do you think Allen has too many
a. cat’s?
b. cats?
c. cats’?

I am really hoping these were easy! They’re all about basic punctuation rules in American grammar (some of which is the same in other English-based grammar), and are still confusing many writers. I hope to change that, one post at a time.

Here are the answers and links back to the blogs:
1a  (Using A and An Correctly)
2b  (Using A and An Correctly)
3b  (Using Hyphens #1) (Using Hyphens #2)
4c  (Forming Contractions)
5a & d  (Quotation Marks #1)
6b  (No Apostrophes in Plurals!)

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