Steamy, Sweltering, Silly Saturday, July 16


My long-time readers know that each Friday I publish silly stuff, usually having to do with language and/or typos.

And sometimes I even have enough good stuff for a special Saturday edition!

The question arises often: WHERE DO I GET THE PICTURES?

Well, sometimes I go hunting, if I want to showcase a specific theme. But honestly, most of them to me without effort from three awesome Facebook pages.

This first one is Language Cranks Redux. Here are a couple from that site:

The second is  “I am not a grammar cop; I am an English Langauge enthusiast.

Here are a couple from that site:


The third one — my favorite if only for the depth and breadth of goofy stuff, is calledSingle Dad Laughing. Here are a couple of his latest . . . he’s currently showcasing odd words . . . oh yes. They’re real, if not widely known!

All are open to you for your laughing enjoyment at any time. Of course, you can always just wait until Friday each week — with an occasional Silly Saturday thrown in — to laugh at my picks.