In the U.S., this weekend marks the beginning of our year-end holiday season (for most, anyway). It starts with Thanksgiving, and goes through at least New Year’s Eve. Of course, I know that many cultures have holidays they celebrate in the new year as well.

But as we near the end of 2018, starting with an aptly named holiday — Thanksgiving — what words describe this year for you?

What words describe your life, your loves, your work, your … everything?

John Dunia coined a word that I love –Thanktitude — a cross between Thanksgiving and gratitude, John? Or thankfulness and gratitude?

For me, it continues to be gratitude–for the two people who created me, for the two who adopted me, for the family I grew up in, for the gifts I have received.

For the friends I have. For the life I live. For the opportunities to help others in so many ways.

For the realization that bigger isn’t necessarily better. That having good health trumps nearly everything.

So, my friends — how would you describe yourself this year — and next?

And as many know, I’m also enormously grateful for the humor I find everywhere! Putting lemon halves under the skin of a turkey sure makes me laugh!

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