The Last Cross Words for 2015

crossAs I’ve finally been getting my Boston Sunday Globe newspaper regularly (you’d think I live on Pluto for the troubles the Globe deliverers had in finding me once I moved to Buzzards Bay!), I’ve been enjoying the Sunday crossword puzzles once again.

There have been a few regular creators (and I have the greatest respect for anyone who can create one!) who have become familiar, and over time I’ve learned who made slightly easier ones and who made slightly harder ones.

Ah. Times change.

They have all upped their game — all of them!

So I’m finding more words that I either have to guess at — badly, most of the time — or words I have never, ever seen. Or imagined. Or have wanted to know. Or will even remember.

Here are a few, some as part of a definition and some as the answers. I wonder how you would have done . . .

Definitions that meant nothing to me:
#1: Work of thaumaturgy (answer = miracle)
Thaumaturgy (n.): the working of miracles or magic feats

#2: Cards, on skeds (answer = stl)
Sked (n.): a slang or informal version of schedule (can be a verb, too)
I finally figured out that Cards refers to the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team, and the answer – STL – is their three-letter ID. Trust me; I had no idea where that clue was going, nor did I understand the answer until I looked up skeds. Even then I had to really think about it.

#3: Sage who poses koans (answer = Zen Master)
Koan (n.): A puzzling, often paradoxical statement, anecdote, question, or verbal exchange, used in Zen Buddhism as an aid to meditation and a means of gaining spiritual awakening. Yeah, not a word I use. Or ever heard of. But now I know, and I’m dying to figure out how I can throw that little gem into a conversation. Be warned, friends.

Answers that meant nothing to me (even when I got them right, I didn’t know the word so I wasn’t sure):
#1: Erose (adj.) (crossword definition: with a gnawed edge)
#2: Prate (crossword definition: rattle on and on)
#3: Imago (crossword definition: state of a bug’s life)

And yes, I still love doing the puzzles. I learn every time!

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