Do you remember the Harry Potter movies? I’m reminded of them every time I receive a private message from a reader of one of my posts. These messages are always complimentary, and I’m grateful to receive them.


I’m reminded of the Potter movies because we saw Harry and his friends use a device that made them invisible to everyone around them: the cloak of invisibility. They could be around others, looking and lurking, but no one else could see them! For them, it made sense. It kept them safe, and they could learn what they needed to learn without getting into trouble.

But the readers who clearly enjoy my posts but don’t comment publicly — therefore staying invisible to other LI users — are missing some of the best LI has to offer! And that’s visibility.

Not everyone wants or needs to be a blogger, but everyone can and should be a public presence. You can gain a lot of value by commenting or sharing bloggers’ posts; you would be basically riding our coattails and yet helping us and yourself at the same time. I have picked up many followers and connections by commenting publicly on their posts, and I’m sure many reading this post have done the same.

We are here on LI (and other sites) to show ourselves to others, right? We are looking for clients, corporate employment, information, or maybe synergistic connections, and most of us are trying to build relationships with those who might help us or whom we might help. 

LinkedIn is a networking platform with global reach, but
we can’t help you if we don’t know you’re here.
We can’t help you if we don’t know what you’re looking for.
We can’t help you if we don’t WHO you’re looking for!

I hope many of you who have remained in the shadows will step out and let us see you. Let’s figure out ways we can all work together for our mutual benefit!