Water and Gratitude

Water and Gratitude

I am sitting at my computer desk, looking out at my view of the water in Buttermilk Bay, which is on the uppermost part of Buzzards Bay on the southeastern coast of Massachusetts, USA.

I moved here in 2012, after having purchased a tiny beach cottage that I had meant to use for a summer place. It seemed like a fine idea until I added up all the costs of renovating it and keeping up two homes (both condos, with fees), which became untenable. I decided to live here with this view and enjoy the totally different lifestyle it offered as long as I could.

Yes, this picture is what I see out my “office” window, my office being no more than a few square feet in the main room of the cottage.

And every day when I walk down to the beach with its clean water — walking no more 200 feet to get there — I am reminded again of how lucky I am and how grateful I am to be able to live here, in this small community, right on the water that gives me such peace.

😊 In this country, which, with all its flaws, is still magnificent.

😊 In this age, which allows us unparalleled access to people, cultures, ideas, and friendships across the world with a click of a computer key.

I have clean water to drink any time I want it. I have heat in my cottage, which is important in the north, especially now that winter’s coming. I have enough food to eat. I have family and friends here, there, and everywhere.

I enjoy good health, which allows me to walk 4-5 miles a day with my rescued dogs and continue to find ways to give back to this community.

I am grateful every day for this amazing life and the opportunities I’ve been given.

 And this is what the sunset looks like here, many nights.

What are you most grateful for in your life? What do you celebrate every day that brings a huge smile to your face?

What “floats YOUR boat”?

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