A-line – Aye

homophonesThis is the third week of Tuesday’s Tricksters, a group of words that “confuzzle” and bedevil even the best of writers.

This week’s predetermined list is shown in the picture below, but here are also a few I saw while reading others’ posts recently (and remember that spell check passed on all of them, as it should have):

Advice should have been Advise
Advise should have been Advice
Horse should have been Hoarse
should have been Predominantly
should have been Serious
Shone should have been Shown

No one is immune from making these errors — no one. All we can do is keep learning the variations of words we use often. We can also ask someone who knows this stuff for help; any decent proofreader or copy editor will spot the wrong word more quickly than the average (or even very good writer) because it’s what we focus on. It’s as simple as that.

So, without further ado — here’s the third installment in the series on homophones!