Chews – Chorale

Tricksters HeaderGood Tuesday morning, friends! Here is the latest installment of a continuing series on difficult words known as homophones (words that have the same sound but have different meanings and spellings); they’re sometimes known as homonyms as well.

While pronouns can be terribly confusing as you saw in yesterday’s Monday Grammar Checkup post, homophones are in a whole other class of tough! We may write a word that looks the way we say it, only to find out there are other words that sound exactly the same but are not the word we meant! All we can do is keep learning and checking our work — with someone else who can perhaps spot an error or even on the Internet, where we can ask about the definition of the word we’re hoping to use.

A good online dictionary is Your Dictionary, which not only gives you its definitions but also those from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, which are found as you scroll down the page.

And as always, I learned a new word: Chine. I’d seen it before, but I would not have been able to be define it without the dictionary’s help.