Ensure — Ewes


I am starting this week’s post with a wonderful story that Mark Jacobs shared in the comments on last week’s Tricksters concerning Duct Tape, because two of the words were ducked and duct:

“My father (and grandfather) were pioneers in refrigeration systems and he told me this story long ago: It really was originally called Duck Tape. In WW II, American troops needed a waterproof tape to seal gear for amphibious landings. The supplier called their product Duck Tape because water rolls off like water on a duck’s back. After the war, with the widespread expansion of HVAC systems, it was a natural fit and is now known as duct tape unless you buy the Duck Tape brand.”

Since many of us have called the tape Duck Tape for years, thinking we were being so clever, it’s great to know that’s how it all started. Thank you, Mark Jacobs!

And although last week’s post ended the words beginning with d and started on the ones beginning with e, Mark Anderson asked me to please compare two other words beginning with d: drier and dryer. So they’re included today.