Bused – Buyer

Tricksters HeaderContinuing the series with the last words beginning with “b.” These are those pesky homophones, words that sound alike (or nearly so) but are spelled differently and have different meanings. It’s a problem for anyone who doesn’t realize there can be more than one word that sounds like the one being used; all I can do is remind readers to read what they’ve written — carefully — and if you’re not sure, ask someone else to read it too.

A few days ago I received this comment from a regular reader, who makes my point beautifully!

Now that I use a popular dictating program to “write” as much as I can, I find myself having to proofread more and closer than I ever did. In fact, I just had to change WRITE from RIGHT. I never before realized just how many homophones there are.

Thank you for all you do.

Please keep those comments coming, folks! They make my day! I am always open to questions about anything relating to American grammar and usage, so feel free to write me any time. Remember, I am willing to proofread any single page of your writing absolutely, positively, 100% FREE.