A Lot, Allot, Alot


As you’re reading this — before you see the picture below with the answers — look at the headline again. Do you know which of the three in the headline is not a real word? Hmmm?

How did another Wednesday sneak in so quickly? Time sure does fly when you’re having fun, right?

Here’s the third in a new series that shows either a pair of tough words, or in some cases,  a triplet. This week’s triplet is unusual because one of the words is not a real word even though writers continue to use it. And spellcheck flags it. And writers either don’t see the underline, don’t believe it, or don’t care and just keep writing. They’re SURE they’ve seen it before, and spellcheck must be wrong. Oops. Spellcheck does one thing amazingly well: it knows when you’ve used a correctly SPELLED word. If it underlines your word, you need to check it out. Agree?

Now you can look. 

And a caution to all LI writers: My spellcheck DID NOT flag alot in the headline, although it’s doing it here, so check your headlines very carefully.

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