How Badly Can Someone Write?

camelFriends all over the world send me great examples of poor writing, whether it’s using the wrong word altogether, using a homophone because it sounds like the word the writer meant, or just plain writing badly.

You saw this one yesterday, right? And yet if you read the second word in the second paragraph, you see that someone did know which word to use.

My rule: If you’re going to goof this badly, HIDE your goof in the small words. Don’t shout it out to the world in your headline!

Then there’s this CNN article online, which starts with this picture. What are they teaching in our schools now?

And please do read the short article, whose link is below. I won’t tell you what caught my eye, but I hope you see what I did. Talk about writing badly!

So once again it’s not just “Hump Day,” it’s HUMPH Day!

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