The phrases below are part of my “Cut the Fat” section in my “Brush Up on Your Business Writing Skills” workbook, and they show the students how to recognize and cut their wordiness.

Each of these short phrases can be written (or said) with just ONE word. Can you think of ones that will work? (Some answers are at the end of this post.)

at this point in time
due to the fact that
in the event that
we request that you
without further delay

The phrases below contain at least one word that should be dropped; can you figure out the correct word to keep in each? (Again, answers at the end of the post.)

advance planning
basic fundamentals
close proximity
each and every one
estimated at about
exact opposites
free gift
general consensus of opinion
merged together
might possibly
postponed until later
very unique

In business, we need to be clear. Keeping business documents short, simple, and straight to the point is a worthy goal.

Some good answers:  now, because, if, please, immediately
Words to keep:  advance, fundamentals, close, each (or every), estimated, opposites, gift, consensus, merged, might, postponed, unique

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And . . . you DID catch the title’s redundancy, didn’t you?