Weird Old Words from the OED

sight-words-clipart-sight_dolch_wordsWell, it’s the first day of fall, leaves are starting to change their colors, and the temperatures (especially at night) are decidedly cooler. Time moves on, with or without our permission.

So do many other things. Look around you. Is everything exactly as it was yesterday, last week, last month? Even a moment ago?

Not even close! And we accept that. Right? (What other choice do we really have?)

Heck, even language changes! Just look at a few terms that the OED (Oxford English Dictionary) has added as of this quarter:  hoverboardtelly addictwater baby, and underwater hockey. And you can read more about what these and others mean here.

Or skip right to the full list of words, phrases, and senses here.

BUT. There are some words that are from so long ago we never heard of them, such as:


You can see the full list — with definitions — of the 16 words here.

Actually, I’m perfectly fine with those words staying gone. Hidden. Not used again. They’re good for giggles, but not much else.

How about you? What do you think of either the new words or the 16 weird ones from long ago?

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