Are you familiar with the American TV program Wheel of Fortune? It’s a show that depends on a contestant’s ability to guess words with a very general definition but without any letters at all. Usually contestants start trying to find the right consonants, but inevitably they ask to “buy a vowel” to help them solve the puzzles.

So I thought it would be interesting to use that concept but with a twist; I’ve given you the vowels (for free!) and the definitions, and you have to guess the word. They’re all heterographs – a special type of homograph – words that are spelled the same but have a different meaning and, in these cases, are pronounced differently depending on their meaning.

Good luck!


a _ _ _ e _ _   (n.):  a specific place   (v.):  to talk directly to
a _ _ e _ _   (n):  an emotional state   (v.):  to influence or alter
a _ _ _ i _ u _ e   (n.):  a characteristic or quality  (v.):  to cite another’s                 authorship or effort


e _ _ _ a _ _ e   (n.):  an opening   (v.):  to charm
e _ _ _ o i _   (n.):  an adventure or heroic deed   (v.):  to take advantage of
e _ _ _ a _ t   (n.):  something drawn or pulled out   (v.):  to pull out


i _ _ a _ _    (n.):  a collision of things or energy   (v.):  to collide or strike
i _ _ e _ _    (n.):  something added    (v.):  to put something into
i _ _ a _ i _   (n.):  a person who is physically ill   (adj.):  not legally correct


o_ _  e _ _   (n.):  a thing    (v.):  to argue against
o _ e _ _ _ a _ _ e   (n.):  an excessive price   (v.):  to fill too full
o _ e _ _ o o _   (n.):  a high place   (v.): to ignore


u _ _ a _ e   (n.):  latest information   (v.): to give current information
u _ _ e _   (n.):  something negative   (v.): to make someone unhappy
u _ e   (n.):  benefit, function   (v.): to employ



address * affect * attribute

entrance * exploit * extract

impact * insert * invalid

object * overcharge * overlook

update *  upset * use

So, how did you do? I know I had to actually think about a couple of them as I was putting this quiz together; I just kept forgetting what the answers were and it’s MY quiz!