Two Wolves and the 2015 Superbowl

Tonight, as I watched the Super Bowl nail-biter with bated breath, I also was posting on Facebook, in the general arena and in a local sports-oriented group.

The sports group fell quickly into two main camps: one thinking the Pats were doomed to fail with every misstep, and the other sure the Pats could win even though they made some big mistakes.

Once the game was over and the Patriots won, I scrolled back through several threads in that sports group and noticed that the negativity spread far more quickly than the positivity. One negative comment “begat” five or six others; one positive comment had maybe one or two.

I think this is something to remember long after tonight is done, as we go through our personal and professional lives. What do we want to see more of? Negativity or positivity? Which one are we promoting? Which one are we feeding?


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