Bugging Me, Bugging You

bugging me bugging youBugging me, bugging you: Is there something we can do?

Yes, there are things that “bug” me, some so-called “cosmic questions” that simply make me nuts, and I thought I’d see if anyone has answers, has thought of these things too, or has thought of some I haven’t even considered (yet).

Here are my Top Ten questions I wish I could answer.

1.  Why don’t all social media users post a picture of themselves? We’re here on social media to connect, right? We’re here to find work, whether it be full-time, part-time, or every-now-and-then employment. Who’s hiring ghosts? Do you connect to ghosts? I know I don’t.

Is it because they don’t think they have a picture that’s good enough? Trust me: As long as their picture doesn’t show them doing something truly stupid or illegal, it’s probably better than nothing. And they could just ask a friend to snap a picture if that’s the best they can do — right? So why not?

2. Why DO some folks post pictures of themselves (usually just on FB, but probably now on Instagram and the like) doing something incredibly stupid, dangerous, or illegal? Don’t they know that prospective employers now check social media profiles (right, Lynda Spiegel?) Don’t they realize that in this new era, nothing actually gets erased? If your friends have your pictures on their pages, good luck getting rid of them all.

3. Why doesn’t LinkedIn roll out enhancements to everyone at the same time? Is it not technologically possible? Are they trying to build a buzz?

Too many of us have to wait weeks for useful stuff, while others get it immediately. (I guess we’re not influential enough.) If I hadn’t just seen a Forbes post mentioning five things LI is doing to help job seekers, I wouldn’t even know about these. And although I’m not a job seeker, a couple of these changes sound useful.

4. Why do the apps on my iPhone show me different things than I see on my computer screen when I’m looking at both simultaneously? (Neil Hughes, some help here?) Sometimes, if it weren’t for the app, I’d never see a particular post without actively looking for it or the writer. And that happens across the board, not just here. I find that weirder than weird.

5. Why do I keep getting that “Oops! There was a problem saving your draft” notice so many times here on LI? Is it a new “enhancement”? If so, it’s not very welcome. Five times so far with this one post.

6. Why don’t more professionals have a professional writeup on social media? I’m not even talking about using correct grammar (although I could); I’m talking about filling out the profile so we know if we want to link with you. You can’t take the time? OK, we’ll go on to the next candidate.

7. Why don’t business pros realize the impact of trolling on social media? We all have our ideas and opinions, but going for the throat? Really? In view of hundreds of others, some who might have wanted to discuss business with you before you spewed out your wrath? (Right, John White?)

8. Why do so many “business pros” hide behind fake profiles? What would be the point? Scamming? Not sure how to proceed? Testing the waters? I know absolutely I’m not going to link to anyone I can’t see as a real, live human.

9. Why do so many here on LI check out profiles in a “hidden” mode? Are you ashamed of something? I promise I won’t stalk you even if you checked out my profile. If you’re interested in linking to me, you’ll let me know. Or not.

10. Why don’t these social media sites at least have spellcheck as part of their platform? We’re here WRITING. We’re using words. We’re trying like heck to look professional and be someone others might want to hire or link to. But we don’t all know how to spell every word we need … sure would be great to have a tool that does that.

So. Enough for now. I’m sure you have your own “cosmic questions” to share — so please do!

*Yes, it’s THAT song I was hearing in my head . . .