How much time do we waste? With our busy schedules, I’m sure we all have our ways of doing pretty much nothing — right?

For me, it’s solitaire on the computer. I can sit and play for a half hour without stopping because I find it both soothing and a little stimulating. I like to win, so I can spend a lot of time on one particular game, going back to the beginning and doing it in different ways until I either win or just give up.

You? What is it that you do that basically wastes time?

And what is it we all say when faced with something we should do but don’t want to do right now?

“I’ll do it as soon as I get around to it.”

Well, guess what? Now you have no more excuses because . . . I have a gift for you!


And this is an indispensable item, so you need to guard it with your life. Tuits are rare and hard to come by, especially the round ones, but I found this one that you can have for free. It can help you become more efficient and effective, which is what many of us say we want to be.

So, now that you have one of your very own — you can accomplish all those things you put aside until you got “around to it.”

What will YOU do with your tuit?