A friend on Facebook posted this recently, and it got me thinking . . . sometimes it does take a thunk on the head from the universe (or from our guardian angel) to help us see more clearly . . .


I believe in signs.

I’m a very positive person and when I get down about something, I feel the Universe sends me a thunk on the head to shift my perspective.

So I was just leaving the pharmacy where I dropped off a new prescription which I do not want to take for a health issue I was just diagnosed with this week. I fully admit to feeling extremely sorry for myself, a bit mopey and in “why me” mode.

In the driveway comes a lady zipping quite quickly in an electric wheelchair, with a big smile on her face, dressed in four different shades of purple, including a hat so big and silly that it was actually quite fantastic. I smiled at her and waved. She waved back.

She was missing one leg and one arm.



Have YOU ever gotten caught up in some misery that you couldn’t shake? What did it take to help you see more clearly? How were you able to shift your perspective from that misery to something more positive?

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