Tuesday Tricksters, Missal — Mode

You thought I’d abandoned these, right? Nope. Not a prayer. Just got very busy the last couple of weeks.

But I’m baaaaaaack!

Using the correct words, to me, is the hallmark of good writing — knowing the difference between you’re and your, it’s and its, and other homophones, words that sound the same (or nearly so), but don’t mean the same thing and are spelled differently. These words cannot be used interchangeably, although many writers forget that. Each means what it means, and that’s something we all need to remember.

Today’s post is brought to you by five pairs of “m” words:

Missal (n.): a prayer book
Missile (n.): something that’s able to be launched, fired, or shot into the air or at a target

Missed (v.): past tense of “to miss” (John missed the meeting yesterday.)
Mist (n.): tiny water droplets/water vapor in the air; (v.): to spray tiny water droplets

Moan (v.): to groan; to make a sad noise, often due to pain
Mown (n.) past participle “to mow” (She has mown the lawn all summer!)

Moat (n.): a deep, water-filled trench, often used for defense around a castle
Mote (n.) a tiny speck or particle

Mode (n.): a way of doing something
Mowed (v.): past tense of “to mow” (She mowed the lawn all summer!)


For more on these or any English word, check out www.YourDictionary.com, a terrific resource that shows words and their definitions in several dictionaries.