Time Magazine: A Wow Issue!

time magazine

I just got a new subscription to Time  magazine, something I hadn’t had in years. Thanks to a friend who gave me a couple of copies over late summer, I decided to get my own.

So, this past week’s double edition (Nov. 26-Dec. 3) is excellent — but not just for the stories. I enjoyed it because of a section called “The 50 BEST Inventions,” and they’re mostly fascinating.

While I thought a few were less than stellar (see way below), there were still a few that I returned to several times to see again.

Here are 5 that caught my eye:

  1. The Carry On Suitcase — which looks like something that frequent travelers might want to investigate
  2. Lynq — a “gadget” for those of us who monitor others who might wander away; a way to pinpoint where they are at any given time
  3. Whill (Model Ci) — an even better wheelchair (so say its creators) for those who must use one
  4. HabitAware Keen — a bracelet that helps the wearer break bad habits
  5. Icon Vulcan 3-D Printer — a way to help the homeless by printing small homes

Gotta admit, some of the 50 were odd choices, at least to me: A simpler way to apply makeup in the bathroom (seriously?), diamonds forged in plasma, toys that evolve with a baby, an electric skateboard that’s easier to carry around, and a Monopoly Cheaters’ Edition. That’s an invention?

But just seeing what others are working on, largely for the betterment of us all, is wonderful. And having grown up in a world that did not include anything like these ideas — unless they were the stuff of science fiction — reminds me of how far I’ve come and shows me what the future has in store for the next generations.

I hope this link still works for the full list.

What are your thoughts on this? Did you see the article? Are any of the 50 going to help you or someone you know and/or love?