Did you ever play anagrams when you were a kid? You know, rearranging letters in a word to make another one? They were lots of fun — for some of us, anyway — and they did teach an important lesson: read what you’ve written.

Words can be tricky.

I think some of us writers are still playing that game, but not intending to.

A few headlines caught my eye this past week:

“It’s All Quiet Interesting”

“Are You Tried of Working Too Hard?”

Untied We Stand”


Along with the homophones that I write
about most Tuesdays (Tuesday gotchaTricksters), anagrams are another monster in the closet just waiting to jump out and embarrass us! And spellcheck won’t help; the words are spelled correctly.

So, just for fun, can you figure out what other word(s) can be made from the following?

  1. unbred
  2. framing
  3. layover
  4. kitchen
  5. rentals
  6. rescued

Stumped on any of them?

  1. unbred = burned, burden
  2. framing = farming
  3. layover = overlay
  4. kitchen = thicken
  5. rentals = antlers
  6. rescued = reduced, secured, seducer


The moral of the story? Always read and think before you hit “publish”!

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